From 20-24 September 2010 I rode solo from Edinburgh to London. This was in aid of Health Inc, a small NGO working in Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas.

In August 2010 Ladakh was hit by severe mudslides which left at least 200 people dead and 700 people missing. Health Inc has an integral role in the long-term recovery of the rural areas affected by this disaster.

For 18 years, Health Inc has worked to improve the education and health of the most remote communities in Ladakh. It has built partnerships and a sense of understanding that only come with time and commitment. And it will continue to help rebuild lives and livelihoods, long after disaster relief agencies have left Ladakh.

This website explains more about Health Inc and the disaster, why I chose this cause, how you can support it, and about my bike ride. Thank you for being here.

Email qwrk85 (at) yahoo.com.sg

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  1. Kunlun says:

    I’m in! Happy travels Zing!

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